• Monitoring and Evaluation

    Viet Insight is the pioneering Vietnamese company providing M&E services for ODA projects in Vietnam, using a harmonized methodology that is supported by the Government of Vietnam. Viet Insight recently entered into a unique partnership with the URS Corporation, a company listed in the NYSE, to offer the following M&E related services:

    • M&E capacity building for client staff;
    • M&E system design and set up;
    • Evaluation provision including baseline survey, mid-term evaluation, terminal evaluation and impact evaluation.
  • Execution and Logistics Support

    Viet Insight offers logistical support to ensure that our clients achieve smooth implementation. We provide clients with a range of logistical and management support for successful and effective implementation of their research needs, corporate development field trips, as well as program/project preparation missions. Such support includes:

    • Stakeholder identification and facilitation;
    • Project management in the way of design, implementation and finalization;
    • Translation services;
    • Event management including conference design, development and facilitation;
    • Schedule management;
    • As well as procurement for local consulting requirements (from specialists to research assistances).
  • Social and Economic Survey and Analysis

    Viet Insight can provide for all of our client's quantitative and qualitative research needs. Research assignments as executed by Viet Insight incorporate such services as:

    • Primary data collection;
    • Access and analysis of current officially published statistics;
    • Participatory household and micro-enterprise surveys and assessments;
    • Public opinion survey;
    • As well as socio-economic impact, and baseline studies.
  • Market Research and Investment Execution Support

    At Viet Insight, our capacity for quantitative and qualitative research can be leveraged to suit the needs of private companies seeking direct investment. Such services include: market penetration surveys; as well as investment support for businesses either already operating or seeking to invest in Vietnam. Beyond simple consultation summations, we can provide our clients such critical success factors including investment location analysis, as well as supporting industries and stakeholder analysis.

  • Training on Public Policy

    In collaboration with a number of institutions, including the Fulbright Economics Training Program in Ho Chi Minh City, and the Asian Development Bank Institute, Viet Insight has been delivering executive training courses for mid-career and senior government officials at both central and provincial level. Viet Insight can provide for the following:

    • Relationship building between training providers and government agencies
    • Identification and articulation of training topics;
    • Recruitment and communication with participants;
    • Curricula development;
    • Class facilitation;
    • As well as cases study development.

"Viet Insight team consists of qualified professionals, who while knowledgeable through exposure to international best practices are themselves deeply rooted in Vietnamese culture. Viet Insight partners have been trained at top academic institutions in Australia, Europe, US as well as in the region. Additionally, Viet Insight maintains an extensive network of associates, currently working in research institutes through out the country."